About Us

Giti is an online store created for free spirited girls who are not afraid to show off their personality through fashion. In August 2003, Giti opened its doors in Gainesville, Florida. As soon as the store was opened, Giti quickly became the source for the most current fashion in Gainesville. Now we are based in Miami, Florida. With five locations in Georgia and Florida, Giti sells unique clothing in a vast inventory of trendy styles. Giti maximizes your shopping experience by offering the latest styles in club wear.

Our clothing is designed by industry professionals, featuring a huge selection of affordable fashion and accessories that are a step ahead of the creative designs aimed to express your style. We are a quickly growing company that strongly believes in promotion from within. Giti’s looking for a dynamic atmosphere that is always one step ahead in design, style, fashion, and value. Our goal is to make every women feel beautiful and sexy no matter their shape and size, for an affordable price. You won’t be able find exotic, sexy, flirty, fun, and unique clothes anywhere else, at a price you can pay for. We offer clothes selections for everyone, every style, and every occasion.

A Giti girl is a girl who is not afraid to show the world who she really is. Girls that have a great sense of fashion and don’t let anyone tell them otherwise. Here in Giti we also love to help girls who are a little shyer. We absolutely love helping people look good while having fun; it’s like playing dress up all over again. We can help you achieve the look you always wanted with our great clothes selection. Don’t forget to contact us and follow us on face book, twitter, or instagram. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate in letting us know. You can send us an email at gitisales@gmail.com. Don’t forget we are here for you and every customer is highly important. Helping you is always our priority.